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This place is a Michigan basement. This is good. -F

Kathryn and Caleb run the show here. Go here.

Old Gold Exhibitions & Events
2022 North Humboldt Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois 60647

South Entrance, Basement

California Blue Line (towards O’Hare), Walk West on Palmer Street, South on Humboldt Boulevard to 2022

Hours: Sundays, 11 – 2pm
By appointment 773.653.9956
Directors: Kathryn Scanlan and Caleb Lyons


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There is growing interest in the use of shipping containers as the basis for habitable structures. These “icons of globalization” are relatively inexpensive, structurally sound and in abundant supply. Although, in raw form, containers are dark windowless boxes (which might place them at odds with some of the tenets of modernist design…) they can be highly customizable modular elements of a larger structure.

Projects are sorted alphabetically (by company or designer’s name). Relevant books and websites are listed as well.

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Whatever you think of Henry Darger, I think this movie is probably interesting. I don’t know much about him, and I’m always skeptical about so-called “outsider art” (as in, people seem to only be obsessed with “outsider artists” that are mentally ill in some form). But he did put out an enormously huge semi-secret book, his pictures look pretty good, and Animal Collective used his work for their sweet album cover.


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