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This place is a Michigan basement. This is good. -F

Kathryn and Caleb run the show here. Go here.

Old Gold Exhibitions & Events
2022 North Humboldt Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois 60647

South Entrance, Basement

California Blue Line (towards O’Hare), Walk West on Palmer Street, South on Humboldt Boulevard to 2022

Hours: Sundays, 11 – 2pm
By appointment 773.653.9956
Directors: Kathryn Scanlan and Caleb Lyons

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Want to see something cool? Of course you do! I discovered furniture designer Tanya AguiƱiga (based in LA) today while surfin’ the net at work (it’s the day before Thanksgiving…I have no work to do…but I have to look busy…). I tend to be more attracted to useful things, or at least semi-classic things. But the majority of this stuff is foldable, stackable, and hideable. And colorful!


I like that these sort of look like garbage in the grass. Or frisbees. I would really have no desire to have one, but the colors and the shapes and these pictures are worth showing.

How about this:


It would be pretty cool to be able to shove your table and chairs under your bed.

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