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On Friday night at 10:30pm me and FVD boarded the megabus for a 34 hour adventure to Minneapolis. We mainly wanted to go visit the Walker Art Center, but we also wanted a mini-adventure and the megabus is cheap cheap
cheap, as well as double-decker and awesome and fast. If you live in the U.S. or the U.K. you should really check it out. The driver only makes one stop so it is as fast as driving. And middle of the night rest stop stops are the best. You can find dolls like this:

We arrived at 5:30am. Minneapolis was cold and dark and we walked around for a place to have some coffee and read for a few hours before walking to the museum. Walking around unknown cities at 5:30am on little to no sleep is the best. Everything was closed, but the first to open happened to be Baker’s Square. Lucky us. FVD got pie and I got hash browns.

Then we headed to a coffee shop because I was feeling bratty and wanted a bagel with some good coffee. The coffee shop and FVD created pattern confusion.

On the way to the museum we found these things on interest:
A free air tank for bike tires,

lots of reminents from the huge bridge collapse a few months ago,

this building on the University of Minnesota campus,

a new pair of leather gloves,

oversized buckets and flower-shaped chairs,

and this man,

At the Walker, these were some of my favorites, taken before the guard said no more photos:
Takashi Murakami wallpaper,

this photographer is amazing and i stupidly didn’t write down his name so please…enlighten me!!,

outside their cafe, rooftop view,

and their sculpture garden,

with a huge greenhouse and more sculptures and plants,

and three sarah sze sculptures built into the floor (SO COOL),

We ended the night with a delicious dinner of smoked salmon and a beet salad and some beers on the other side of the bridge. Then we waited for the bus in a bar amongst many many strip clubs and had Premium beer. It was not premium!

Goodbye Minneapolis. See you soon.

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