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I have always been extremely attracted to wallpaper. Even the kind of ugly flowery kind. Well, not all wallpaper. Like, “country-chic”…that’s kind of gross. But for the most part, I love it. I’m glad that the resurgence of wallpaper is in a sort of small-batch form. Everyone seems to be making their own lines of wallpaper. Studio Nommo has some pretty rocking wallpaper.

A lot of it is really really animated, making the real objects in the room stand out and look very…real. It’s like living in a cartoon!


These are cool too. Paper is so awesome. And tricky:



Their stuff for babies is the best, by far:

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Whatever you think of Henry Darger, I think this movie is probably interesting. I don’t know much about him, and I’m always skeptical about so-called “outsider art” (as in, people seem to only be obsessed with “outsider artists” that are mentally ill in some form). But he did put out an enormously huge semi-secret book, his pictures look pretty good, and Animal Collective used his work for their sweet album cover.


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This has been an enlightening morning. While cartoons on broadcast tv may have gone down the drain long ago, children’s books have gotten way cool!!



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